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What mistakes can't be made in the operation of Qingdao shot blasting machine?



With the further improvement of domestic and foreign table cleaning requests, the use of shot blasting machines is becoming more and more widespread. What are the faulty operations of Qingdao shot blasting machines during operation?

  1. Improve machine belt slack, improve machine belt tensioning equipment, 720,000 in use, when hook type shot blasting machine works. This equipment can be used when the belt is not tight.

  2. Pills are not added in time. The shot blasting machine relies on the shot blaster to project the steel shot at high speed to the surface of the workpiece for cleaning. The pellets are attributed to consumables. The operations of the shot blasting machine gradually reduce. The cycle cannot be completed, which affects the quality of shot blasting.

  3. The speed of the roller conveyor of the shot blasting machine is too fast or too slow, and the speed of the roller conveyor can be adjusted. It uses the fixed-point high-pressure automatic dustfall technology. The user failed to adjust the speed according to the instructions in the application process today. Too fast or too slow will affect the quality of the shot blasting.

  4. The shutdown sequence is wrong. The shot blaster was closed early, combining scale with efficiency and benefit. Such a scale. The formed pellets continue to enter the shot blaster, and it is easy to burn the motor next time.

  5. The startup sequence of the shot blasting machine is wrong, and the startup operation of the shot blasting machine cannot be carried out according to the operating instructions, resulting in the shot blasting device idling without entering the shot material.



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