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Catenary shot blasting

  • Q38 series catenary continuous shot blasting machine
Q38 series catenary continuous shot blasting machine

Q38 series catenary continuous shot blasting machine


Product Brief

  The Q38 series catenary continuous shot blasting machine has the functions of static loading and unloading of workpieces, automatic rapid conveying and positioning, and rotating shot blasting cleaning of workpieces. The whole machine is controlled by conventional electrical appliances, suitable for all-round shot blasting of large quantities of cast steel, cast iron, and welded parts. It is used for various forms of hangable workpieces.


  1. Through shot blasting, not only can remove the rust on the surface of the workpiece, clean up the welding slag on the structural parts, but also eliminate the welding stress of the workpiece, improve the fatigue resistance of the workpiece, increase the adhesion of the paint film when the workpiece is sprayed Finally, the purpose of improving the entire workpiece surface and intrinsic quality is achieved.

  Second, the catenary shot blasting machine has the advantages of high production efficiency, shallow pits, and low cost. The hanging conveyor type shot blasting machine is suitable for the surface cleaning of many kinds of workpieces in different production fields, and can solve the problem of workpiece transportation. This technology is currently at the leading level in the industry, and provides a complete solution for the efficient and economical shot blasting cleaning and strengthening of the workpiece surface.

  3. The application of the suspended conveying method is reliable and economical for solving the shot blasting of small workpieces to large workpieces and truck frames.

The scope of application of the product is almost unlimited

  Desanding and final shot blasting of castings-especially suitable for workpieces that are susceptible to breakage and collision hazards;

  Derusting of forgings or surface strengthening of steel parts;

  Remove rust, roughen, and clean the surface of the workpiece;

  Workpiece surface strengthening;

  Deburring of plastic parts;

Design form

  Basic type with single door in and out conveyor system

  Expansion type with single input and single output conveyor system, the output is slightly larger

  Extended type with single-in and single-out conveying system, maximum output, special cleaning procedure

  Expanded type with single-in and single-out conveying system, with additional chamber body, handling large workpieces